Rally Round The House

Led by Exterior Designer Pamela Berstler, the Rally team spends 36 hours working with friends and family to completely transform an outdoor space for a deserving loved one.

Pamela created 50 completely unique exterior makeovers in Atlanta and Los Angeles resulting in 50 hours of reality makeover television designed, specified, and performed in 36 weeks for this Discovery Channel day-time series. Watch the show, invite your friends and family, and start a Rally in your own back yard.

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Landscapers' Challenge

Three professional landscapers compete to find out whose landscape design will best meet the homeowners' challenge. The winning garden is installed while cameras document the process and the homeowners' reactions.

Pamela and Alex have completed seven episodes of this addictive design-centric television show.

Smith Terrace - EP# LSC.207

“What was once a lackluster space cluttered with dying plants is now a warm and inviting terrace filled with color, elegance and life."

-HGTV's Landscapers Challenge

Kaufman Residence-EP# HLCSI-BY1

Episode Not Yet Aired

Royer Residence - EP# LSC.611

Weidman Residence - EP# LSC.711

Jones Residence - EP# LSC.1013

Woods Residence - Won, but residence sold during filming

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