Beverly Hills Green Roof - Greystone Manor Estate in Beverly Hills, CA

This award-winning installation highlights a garden shed covered in an authentic, intensively planted green roof. The structure was built for the annual Greystone Manor Estate Showcase House in Beverly Hills, and was nestled within a meadow of climate-appropriate grasses and Mediterranean perennial plants. The shed was sited to accentuate the juxtaposition of the ultra-contemporary, luxurious vegetated roof with the residence's 1930's imported slate roof, itself once a symbol of ultimate modern luxury. Several thousand residents of Beverly Hills and other Los Angeles cities visited the Estate during the Showcase, and were treated to an up-close glimpse of the future of green construction and water-wise landscaping.

What You Should Know About California Green Roofs

Simply speaking, a green roof is a living roof. While green roof design has its roots in ancient civilizations (think hanging gardens of Babylon), as American cities have become more concerned about managing quantities of stormwater runoff, air quality, and building heat transfer, large modern green roofs have been appearing on commercial properties across the country. Now, FLOWER ot the PEOPLE, Inc. has green roof solutions specifically designed for Southern California private residences. Here the Beverly Hills green roof at Greystone Manor Estate is still growing strong more than two years after its installation. Succulent-covered roofs, like the one at Greystone and the green roofs pictured here, even provide a fire-retarding alternative to traditional shake or stone roofs.

A living roof provides superior energy efficiency for any building (saving on energy costs), extends the life of the roof membrane, is beautiful to look at, provides the local environment with beneficial air-cleaning, cooling and storm water reduction, and promotes greater biodiversity.

Our experience designing complex, sustainable, residential landscape environments enables us to develop a unique, natural green roof solution for residential properties. Sturdy, waterproofed roof membrane is covered with a high-tech layer of root barriers and drainage mats, and then planted with a variety of California native and other cliamte-appropriate plant material. The depth and diversity of the plant material depends primarily upon the structural limitations of the roof.

Altadena Green Roof

South Coast Plaza Garden Show - Winner Silver Medal

In collaboration with a major succulent grower, we have developed a Succulent Tile that enables us to design a dynamic living mosaic of color and texture suitable for covering any small structure (like pool equipment cover, garden shed, or garage) or larger primary residence.

Green Roof Section View

1 roof flashing

2 EPDM waterproof membrane

3 root barrier

4 drainage mat

5 "L" sheet metal edge

6 1/2" pea gravel

7 nonwoven separation fabric

8 planting media

9 plants

10 gutter (optional)

Santa Monica Canyon Green Roof

In this recent Santa Monica Canyon green roof installation, only 4"-5" deep, a wide diversity of flowering grasses and groundcovers creates a completely unique experience for enjoying the surrounding roof deck.

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