Natural Urban Oasis

This renovation epitomizes our ambition to attain sustainability in our landscapes. A new ("mini-mansion") development in the foothills of the Cleveland Mountains called to these homeowners for its proximity to the natural oak forest hiking trails in the nearby mountains and an easy work commute. The mandate was to remove the developer's ubiquitous Marathon sod and palm trees, and take the property back to nature, blending seamlessly with the truly native surroundings.

A new walkway meanders through the meadow of California native perennials and grasses, punctuated by other climate-appropriate and water-wise shrubs and trees. The red bark and wildlife-attracting flowers and berries of the Arbutus 'Marina' and an infusion of Austrialian natives provide year round interest right at the edge of the garden and the neighborhood.

The once barren rectangular back yard now blooms with a natural pond and three seating areas.

A locally-sourced stone patio expands interior living space to the outdoors, and is covered by a reclaimed lumber pergola covered in shade cloth. The dining area has an unobstructed view of the pond and mountains beyond.

In effect, we have created an oasis of Nature in what is otherwise an urban desert of climate-inappropriate landscapes.

The narrow side yard is transformed into a dry creek bed visually connecting the pond in the back yard with the water feature in the front yard. During rainstorms the creek functions as intended, slowing down water, and allowing it to filter back into the surrounding planted area.

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