First Place Winner

Xeriscape Award

Outstanding Achievement

Medium Renovation Award

Xeriscape Garden

The new Moderne front entry establishes a more sophisticated facade for this 1940’s Los Feliz bungalow. Elegantly curved retaining walls allowed the creation of a colorful, yet water-conserving, garden setting. Original details of the home are united with the landscape through the use of Utah Buff sandstone veneer on the steps.

The original "bowling alley-like" site's grade changes were accommodated by building sinuous raised planters and using integral-color concrete pathways as retaining structures. The path winds through a graphic groundcover planting, bisects a Utah Buff patio and curves out of site into a vegetable garden.

After a hard day at the office, it’s easy to imagine relaxing while sipping wine on a chaise by the new fireplace.

The dining room with fireplace terrace becomes a special destination away from the residence enclosed by a fragrant and stimulating garden.

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