Garden Conservancy Tour Home 2004 & 2005

Green Gardens Tour Home 2005

Urban Wilderness Garden

Our design philosophy "your home begins where the sidewalk ends," was first demonstrated here at this Westside 1940's bungalow, renovated to become a contemporary, inviting home and studio for FLOWER to the PEOPLE. The front yard was recaptured with a lush mixed border of climate-appropriate Mediterranean plants, creating an outdoor foyer, complete with tree table. The lawn was replaced with a native California fescue/sedge meadow that requires mowing only once or twice a year.

The "two and one" was renovated into a "three and two" with an 800 square foot roof deck entertainment space. The rest of the property was developed into a series of outdoor rooms, including a secluded seating area in the back of the garden with a fire pit.

Permeable paving materials were utilized wherever possible, such as broken concrete flagstones laid in sand for pathways, and decomposed granite for patios.

The South side of the property was landscaped with filtered shade trees and sun-loving Mediterranean plants, including vegetables and fruit trees. Alternatively, the North side, with its natural shade, was a perfect setting for tropical plants, including bananas and a stand of Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' (striped giant timber bamboo). A water feature with a TREX seating bench provides daily opportunity to relax while watching goldfish and listening to the waterfall.

The various outdoor entertaining spaces provided lots of opportunity to showcase PAMALEX EFFECTS furniture, including the dining table on the roof deck and a tree table outside the studio.

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