First Place Winner

Large Renovation Award

Beverly Hills Residence

Nestled in a white birch grove, this contemporary ranch house awaited a new identity – that of a cabin in the Adirondack mountains. The new natural colors for the home are reinforced by the gentle swaths of chartreuse and blue colored foliage on the entry hillside.

The custom handrail crafted of steel bands and mahogany embraces visitors as they climb the brick stairs to the front door. A custom matching gate restricts entry to the back yard.

While lovely and secluded, the existing pool and sauna did not fit the new owners' lifestyle, and thus was replaced with a large play lawn and basketball court. The curved paths of integral-colored concrete snake around the property, becoming adventure trails for youngsters to explore. The new back yard provides plenty of safe outdoor space for a growing family.

Throughout the garden, hard brick surfaces are softened by abundant colorful plantings and organic colored concrete shapes.

A once overgrown and imposing water feature dominated the terrace outside the interior dining room window. After renovation, the tiled fountain becomes a magnificent central feature of the new outdoor breakfast area.

Exterior Design




Outdoor Furnishings